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Pinot noir

La Côte Appellation d’origine contrôlée

Girarde is the name of a special terroir in the form of an amphitheatre that is planted in terraces because of its very steep slope (40 to 50%). The soil consists of a layer of clayey limestone over a well-structured silty moraine base. Nights here are cool and days warm – the ideal micro-climate. After giving us a rosé in its early years (planted in 1988), then as part of Colombe Noire, we were drawn to the idea of setting aside this vine plot which is showing increasing character. A three-sided adventure – the people, the place and a pure juice of minerality.

Operating temperature: 10-12
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Harvest on 12th September 2017

The vine woke up particularly early in 2017, so the first leaves were very sensitive to spring frost and many wine regions were affected. Thank you lake, we escaped this disaster.

The rest of the wine year has given new life to the winemakers. Little rain, so little humidity and pressure of fungal diseases, without however that the vine lacks water and is stressed.

The picking was early, from September 12th. The maturity of the berries was therefore made on long days, unlike last year when we started almost a month later! Photosynthesis is more important, therefore, the sugar level is higher. In itself, a reasonable harvest, a beautiful maturity, and freshness.


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