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Pinot noir

La Côte Appellation d’origine contrôlée

Girarde is the name of a special terroir in the form of an amphitheatre that is planted in terraces because of its very steep slope (40 to 50%). The soil consists of a layer of clayey limestone over a well-structured silty moraine base. Nights here are cool and days warm – the ideal micro-climate. After giving us a rosé in its early years (planted in 1988), then as part of Colombe Noire, we were drawn to the idea of setting aside this vine plot which is showing increasing character. A three-sided adventure – the people, the place and a pure juice of minerality.

Operating temperature: 14-16
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Harvest on 23rd September 2019

Flowering was normal, around 20 June 2019, very soon after the women’s strike. Spring was somewhat humid, but beautiful weather in August and September encouraged perfect ripening of the grapes.

In the higher areas of Féchy, 15% of the vines suffered hail damage, but luckily before the veraison so the berries dried and fell. The grapes thus remained very healthy.

We took a long time tasting the grapes in the vineyard in order to choose the best possible picking time for every grape variety on each of our 38 vine parcels. We began harvesting 23 September, making this pretty much a classic growing season.

The grapes went through two selections, once while on the vines, then on the sorting table, to make sure they were perfect. And then it was up to us, in the cellar, to know how to interpret, as best we can, what they have given us. Without sulphur, without added yeast, with no additions at all, we need to taste virtually every day to ensure that the wine undergoes a gentle yet precision-driven development.

A vintage with lovely balance between body and structure.

A vintage very much up to the high standard of the Fête des Vignerons that was celebrated during the summer.


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