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La Côte Appellation d’origine contrôlée

The Count of Savoie Amédée VI, known as Comte Vert, in 1356 gave the Paccot family the coat of arms of La Colombe, or dove, the symbol of peace. Amédée is today the name of a particular wine from Domaine La Colombe. With its lovely freshness and remarkable capacity for absorbing oxygen, this wine is rock solid yet subtle and moving when you taste it. Several years of cellaring it will give you some wonderful surprises

Operating temperature: 10-12
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Harvest on 10th September 2018

The budding date predicted a normal year, with harvest in October, as usual in our region. But the time until the flowering has rarely been so short: only 49 days against 62.5 days on average thanks to hot and sunny weather!

So we started picking on September 10, with grapes of absolutely irreproachable quality and temperatures still frying 30 degrees. It was one of the nicest and longest summers ever recorded.

The fermentations went well. The last sugars turned into alcohol. Crucial stage, revealing the subtleties of the grape. Out of respect for work in the vineyard, we vinify in the same state of mind. In particular, by the use of native yeasts or the absence of sulfur, which makes us live adventures sometimes surprising … The tasting is daily. We monitor the wines with curiosity and interest, which allows us to gently guide each tank through temperature controls or transvases.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at our cellar to taste this 2018 vintage, which offers wines with body and very nice concentrations of aromas.


our wines

Déclinaison de Réserves

CHF 28.4167
unit - 75 cl


Chardonnay et Pinot Noir
CHF 28.00
unit - 75 cl

La Grive

Gamaret et Garanoir
CHF 28.00
unit - 37.5 cl

Colombe Rouge

Merlot, Gamaret...
CHF 27.50
unit - 75 cl


Pinot noir
CHF 38.00
unit - 75 cl

Colombe Noire

Pinot noir
CHF 27.50
unit - 75 cl


CHF 29.00
unit - 75 cl

Colombe Grise

Pinot gris
CHF 27.50
unit - 75 cl

Millésime 2010 – Dégustation début 2013
Vinum – Repo Heida (3|2013) CH
La Côte AOC Cuvée Amédée VI 2010

“Helles Gelb. Überaus filigrane Aromatik mit frischem Heu, Brot, Wiesenkräutern und exotischen Fruchtnoten. Im Gaumen glasklar strukturiert, getragen von einer herrlich saftigen Säure. Wirkt trotz 14 Volumenprozent Alkohol federleicht.”

Millésime 2012 – Dégustation fin 2015
Vinum – Winzerlegende Raymond Paccot (10|2015) INT
La Côte AOC Amédée 2012

Perfekt komponierte Cuvée mit den Sorten Savagnin, Chardonnay, Doral und Chasselas, ein Jahr im Holz gereift. Aromen von frischen Kräutern, Zitrusfrucht und Bienenwachs. Auch eine Spur Rauch. Im Gaumen herrlich feingliedrig und doch komplex. Finesse pur vom Auftakt bis zum Abgang.


Millésime 2017 – Dégustation décembre 2020
La Côte AOC Amédée 2012

Objet : Bonheur!


nous venons d’être livrés à domicile, et, impatients, avons goûté Amédée, délicieux!
Nous tenions à vous remercier, nous sommes fans de Savagnin, et c’est une découverte.

Bravo pour la qualité de vos vins, notre référence depuis un an maintenant,

Bien cordialement,
Denis Hartmann & famille