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A wine for the curious! An Amigne (normally at home in Valais), from the terroir of Vaud! Shhh, not too loudly, but this grape is happy on our slopes. Like Pinot Gris, it ripens quietly, giving a wine that is dry and aromatic, with an expression that is original and straight as an arrow.

Operating temperature: 10-12
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Harvest on 29th September 2014

After more than thirty vintages vinified at the Domaine, the situations are always new: to adapt is a pleasure and a need renewed every year.

Let's look at what were the characteristics of the 2014 vintage:

  • A mild spring encouraged bud burst, showing its first leaves 10 days ahead of average.
  • Fairly cool, May and June do not favor flowering: we know that the vine does not affect the climatic extremes. The advance is only three days!
  • July, very wet, forced us to be very vigilant. But our experience of 15 years in biodynamics allowed us to pass the course without damage.
  • Finally, in August, at veraison (when the grains become translucent and start to have sugar) the health of our vines is perfect and the evolution of the maturation very promising.
  • Despite the Drosophila "suzukii" which gave us more fear than harm, we were able to start the grape harvest without any problems on September 29th, and finish on October 15th. Either quite average dates, and more advance at all!

This mild weather in spring, difficult in summer, and sunny in autumn is well suited to the vine and allows us to obtain remarkable wines by their crystalline freshness, their aromatic complexity, and their mineral structure. Keeping most of what nature gives us is a philosophy that is important to us and that we like to share.


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