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welcome :)

We welcome you during our usual opening hours, until Saturday 24 December (10-12.30am).

As the festive season approaches, we are preparing the boxes, shipments and other surprises that you entrust to us… And it is also with pleasure that we await your visit to taste at the Domaine!

Annual closure for the year-end celebrations, from December 25th to January 2nd included.

delivery is free from 12 bottles
(in Switzerland and for private customers)

Hans-Peter Siffert Domaine La Colombe Raymond und Laura Paccot

our approach from the vine to wine

The biodynamic approach, brought in progressively since 1999, is now used throughout the vineyards.

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our wines

Bayel Grand Cru

CHF 18.00
unit - 75 cl

Pinot Gris

Pinot gris
CHF 18.50
unit - 75 cl

Colombe Rouge

Gamaret, Merlot...
CHF 30.00
unit - 75 cl

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir
CHF 12.50
unit - 50 cl