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Sélection Girardet


Mont-sur-Rolle Appellation d’origine contrôlée La Côte

For some 40 years we have been fortunate to work closely with this brilliant Crissier star chef.

Even after handing over his restaurant Frédy Girardet has continued to select, from our cellar, wines that have given birth each year to a blend marked by his style and that carries his name.
We create these wines every spring, building them around the characteristics of the vintage, marrying grape varieties that allow us to mature wines that are dry, fresh and robust: wines that will enhance the most refined dishes.

Operating temperature: 10-12
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9 stars box

The idea was born in the 1980s when Frédy Girardet and Raymond Paccot met – an encounter between terroir limestone and chef’s honed knife that led to the design of a new wine, streamlined and with great class. The wine is seductive by its smoothness but also appreciated for its great gastronomic flexibility. This complicity continues with Franck Giovannini of the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, who continue to create his own blends, in a kind of direct link, from earth to table.


Harvest on 27th September 2021

We escaped the frost episodes in April, but the heavy rains in June and July brought an important pressure of mildew, making 2021 a particularly difficult year.

After a favorable end of season for berry ripening, we started the harvest on September 27th with Pinot noir at 95°Oe, then Chasselas around 77°Oe.

Even if the volumes are slightly below average, 2021 promises to be a very good vintage: structured (low harvest), fruity (fresh year), crystalline (good noble acidity). As if the vines had struggled to give the best of themselves.


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Sélection Giovannini

CHF 22.50
unit - 75 cl

Le commentaire de Frédy Girardet
«Avec une crème d’asperges vertes aux morilles, un risotto aux cèpes, ou un consommé de grenouille en gelée à la fine mousseline de pois.»

Millésime 2004 
dégustation par Martin Kilchmann
«Diese vom grossen Chef Frédy Girardet ausgewählte Cuvée enthält neben Chasselas etwas Pinot gris und Chardonnay. Der Wein gewinnt dadurch die Kraft une Struktur, die er vielleicht an Eleganz verliert. Girardet empfiehlt dazu eine Crème von grünen Spargeln mit Morcheln oder ein Steinpilzrisotto.»