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Féchy Appellation d’origine contrôlée La Côte

We believe in the importance of the terroir, the climate, and the winegrower – as much as, if not more, than in the grape variety. Curzilles is a plot situated in Féchy, marked by its limestone soil, where we plant several grape varieties together. This means that the grapes are picked at the same time and fermented together. Curzilles is then matured for one year in clay eggs to give it the time needed for its personality to develop. The perfect example of a wine that speaks of its home, one that is full-bodied, fresh and ever so welcoming.

Operating temperature: 10-12
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The signature of a place

Terroir is the combined energy of sky and soil. This is where this quiet strength that the winemaker, servant and interpreter, must reveal without ever betraying or hiding it. This patient approach continues during maturing, then in bottle. These fresh and alive wines develop over the years a complexity made of elegance and personality.


Harvest on 29th August 2022

In 2022, the weather was exceptionally hot and dry all summer.

The chasselas started flowering at the end of May. We feared the heavy storms and at the same time waited impatiently for the rain. Between the beginning of May and mid-August, it rained 150mm, which is 4x less than in 2021 at the same period (it is true that in 2021... it had rained particularly heavily!).

We had to adapt our cultivation methods, for example by braiding the branches rather than shearing them and by leaving more " umbrella " leaves in the grape area. In fact, the leaves provide shade and removing them in such heat strains the plant. In addition, we laid down the grass and did not mow it. This protects against evaporation and keeps the soil moist.

Shortly before the harvest, we worked hard to remove the few bunches of grapes that had blocked their ripening due to the lack of water and that remained acidic, by passing over each plot with a loyal and expert team.

In the end, apart from the very young vines and a few more sensitive areas, the vines proved to be incredibly resilient to the drought.

We started harvesting on the 29th of August with our young Pinot Gris vines. This was unprecedented in Féchy. The berries were slightly smaller, but very healthy and particularly concentrated in flavour. These small yields allowed us to harmonise the ripeness of the skins and the sugars.

2022 shows great taste, body and concentration.


our wines

Marchandes Grand Cru

CHF 22.00
unit - 75 cl

Bérolon nature

CHF 22.00
unit - 75 cl

Petit Clos Grand Cru

CHF 18.50
unit - 75 cl

Brez Grand Cru

CHF 18.50
unit - 75 cl

Bayel Grand Cru

CHF 18.50
unit - 75 cl

La Colombe

CHF 7.00
unit - 37.5 cl

Le commentaire de Frédy Girardet
«De belles rencontres autour de mets subtilement relevés : crépinette de grenouilles, escargots, gratin de poissons du lac à l’estragon.»

Millésime 2010,  
Commentaires de DIVO – Penthalaz, septembre 2011

Féchy 2010, Curzilles, Domaine La Colombe: un passionnant assemblage de Féchy

 Les connaisseurs le savent depuis belle lurette: les vins de Raymond Paccot se dégustent les yeux fermés. C’est notamment le cas de ce Féchy, assemblage blanc d’un extrême raffinement, élaboré à partir de raisins qui prospèrent sur la parcelle des Curzilles. La fermentation s’effectue avec des levures indigènes, dans des cuves ovoïdes en ciment, ce qui permet au vin de respirer et de conserver toute sa complexité. Il en résulte un cru d’une belle profondeur, au parfum de poire, d’amande, d’agrumes et de brioche fraîchement sortie du four. Elégante et équilibrée, d’une ampleur rare, la bouche déploie d’abord une fraîcheur magnifique et s’achève dans une finale racée et subtile.

Millésime 2011, mai 2013
Un commentaire de DIVO à Penthalaz
Robe: jaune or pâle avec des reflets verdâtres
Nez: complexe de levures, brioche, chair de poire, amande, noisette, agrumes
Bouche: une attaque en volume, fine, élégante, avec une fraîcheur bien intégrée, la tension se développe en fin de bouche, la finale est tendue, fraîche, presque salivante, il remonte en intensité.
Conclusion: un mariage harmonieux entre la finesse du chasselas et la race du savagnin qui prolonge le plaisir de ce vin!
A servir à 10°C avec une terrine de volaille, une poêlée de chanterelles, filet de fera en papillote


Millésime 2012 – Dégustation fin 2015
Vinum – Winzerlegende Raymond Paccot (10|2015) INT
La Côte AOC Féchy Curzilles 2012
“Diese über 18 Monate im Betonei ausgebaute Cuvée aus Chasselas, Doral, Pinot Gris und Riesling zeigt sich jetzt nach drei Jahren in bester Trinkreife. Offene, aber frische Aromen von Kräutern, frischem Heu und Agrumen. Im Gaumen dicht gewoben. Im Abgang knackig frisch. Perfekt eingebautes Holz.”