The Wine Tasting: Tasting for CHF 15.00 /person

Taste up to 6 wines from our assortment, with no obligation to buy.
The Wine Tasting is available during our opening hours.
With the purchase of 6 bottles*, the tasting will be offered to you!

The Wine Tasting is available in several other wineries under the La Côte appellation.
Find the participating wineries in the Wine Tasting operation here.

*6 bottles of 75 cl per person

Tasting and discovery of the estate

Interactive tasting of about 1h30, with the possibility of answering all your questions about the vine and the wine. An enriching moment of sharing which requires a relative discipline.
Participants are seated at a table and served 10 to 12 wines. The wines are presented and commented on and provide an opportunity for discussion with the participants.

At the end of the tasting session, you can enjoy a “planchette vaudoise” (bread, sausage and local cheeses).

The wines CHF 20 per person, minimum package of CHF 300.- if less than 15 people.
The winegrower’s platter CHF 10.00 per person.

By reservation only, by e-mail:
Or by telephone: 021 808 66 48

Please note : The tasting workshop is not compatible with family celebrations and weddings which are not part of our services.